Keeping Your Home Cool This Summer

There’s nothing like an Aussie summer, days at the beach and backyard barbeques are some popular ways to spend the summer days. But to really enjoy the summer season we have to protect our homes from the high temperatures. Keeping your home cool this summer is easier than you may think, here are some tips so you can enjoy the season.

Keep Heat Out

Closing windows and blinds before the sun can hit the house in morning is a great way to keep the heat out. Pay particular attention to any northern and western sides of the property. Adding window coverings such as awnings are also a good way of keeping the heat out.

Keeping Your Home Cool This Summer
Keeping Your Home Cool This Summer

Turn Off Lights and the TV

You’d be surprised how much heat is produced by household lights when left on for long periods of time. To keep the house cool, turn off all heat sources like lamps, computers, the TV and plug-in power adapters when you’re not using them. Anything that is electrical can produce heat so ensure you turn off anything that doesn’t need to be left on.

Keeping Your Home Cool This Summer
Keeping Your Home Cool This Summer

Get the Air Moving

Open up doors and windows to get the air flowing freely into the house during the late afternoon and evening when the temperature cools. Moving air will make a big difference plus it has an added benefit of saving on energy costs and consumption.

Air Conditioning

By all means utilise an air conditioning unit if you have one in your household but keeping the temperature to 26 degrees will keep you comfortable plus save money. According to Environment Victoria, setting your air conditioning to just one degree cooler can increase your cooling bill by 15%.

Adding Trees

Whilst this is not a quick fix, adding strategically placed trees can help keep the solar heat from direct contact with windows and your roof.

Keeping Your Home Cool This Summer
Keeping Your Home Cool This Summer


Keep your home cool in summer and warm in the winter with the right insulation, Environment Victoria recommends both bulk insulation (big batts) and foil insulation (thin sheets). It’s also worth improving all sealing around the windows and doors in your home plus you could consider adding glazing to your windows.

Reduce Your AC Load

When you use your air conditioning give it the best chance to function effectively by closing all windows and doors. Only use the AC on the hottest days and ensure you turn your system off when you’re not in the house.

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