How to Add Equity to your Home

Want to get the best sale price for your home? Should you renovate the kitchen, add another bedroom, or replace the carpets?

Whilst it’s tempting to make changes to your home, it’s important to remember that not every home renovation is going to benefit you when the time comes to sell. You should focus on changes to your property that enhance the home’s functionality and overall look. Here are some tips to help boost your home’s sale prospects.

  1. Seek expert advice
  2. Highlight a standout feature
  3. Pay attention to your garden early on
  4. Enhance the kitchen
  5. Renovate the bathroom
  6. Create a flow
  7. A fresh coat of paint
  8. Create an outdoor entertaining space

1. Seek expert advice

Don’t rush into any major renovations without seeking some expert advice. It can be extremely beneficial to seek the advice of a qualified builder when making any structural changes to a home. An interior designer would be a good contact for any advice on what would add value to your property.

Alternatively seeking the advice of a real estate agent can be helpful as they know what sells a property and what the current market likes and dislikes in a home. You could also use the opportunity to get a free property appraisal to see how your home compares to others.

2. Highlight a standout feature in our home

Does your home have a feature that stands out? For instance if you have a pool it would be worth improving the lighting around it to highlight this property feature. If you have a great view at your property you could enlarge windows to emphasise the views.

3. Pay attention to your garden early on

A well maintained garden with established shade trees is very popular with buyers. It can take years to grow a garden so getting started early on is a good idea. Ensure you check with the local council about planning laws surrounding trees that may extend beyond your property boundary too.

4. Enhance your kitchen

The kitchen is the center of any home, it’s where you’ll likely spend majority of your time as a family or couple. The condition of your kitchen could make or break a sale. It’s generally the most expensive room in any house so potential buyers won’t want to see a kitchen that needs a total upgrade. You may not need to do a complete revamp of your kitchen, here are some small things you could do to make an improvement.

  • Fresh coat of paint
  • Add appliances
  • Improve cupboard doors and door handles
  • Improve the lighting with fluorescents or spotlights above benchtops
  • Replace old benchtops
  • Replace old splash backs
  • Ensure there is good storage to maximise bench space

5. Renovate the bathroom

Buyers today appreciate modern and beautiful bathrooms, so it’s worth spending some money to enhance the bathrooms in your home. Here are some things to do to make a difference.

  • Replace cracked basins, toilets or bath tubs
  • Replace your vanity or mirror and add any lighting fixtures that’ll enhance the room
  • If you have a small bathroom, consider wall-mounted sinks and toilets and consider putting towel rails behind the door
  • Repaint stained or chipped bathtubs and basins
  • Repaint the walls to freshen the room

6. Create a flow to the property

Consider where the kitchen is located in your home, does it flow easily into the dining area? Do you have an outdoor eating/sitting area to entertain friends or simply somewhere private to relax outside the house? Does the indoor floor smoothly into the outdoor area?

7. A fresh coat of paint goes a long way

A newly painted room can completely transform your property by modernizing and brightening the home. Similarly, if you have exposed brick you could consider render the façade and painting it. This improves the outside appeal of the home and creates a good impression for buyers.

8. Create an outdoor entertaining space

Creating an outdoor entertaining area adds an entire new room to your home, and buyers value it highly. If you’re short for space, a deck or patio with good seating and shade may be a great alternative. If you have a balcony why not add a table setting, no matter how small it all adds more value in the eyes of a buyer. You want them to envision their lifestyle in this home, like enjoying a morning coffee in the sun.

Ready to sell?

Are you ready to sell your home? Request an in-person property appraisal from our team today and get an idea of where your property sits in the current market. Even if you’re not ready to sell, getting your home valued may give you an insight that the home renovations are working or where some areas could do with more attention.

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