Gold Coast Property Market

How is the Gold Coast property market in light of COVID-19? The truth may actually surprise you!

Luckily, Queensland has been fortunate and avoided a second wave of the Corona Virus so far.  As such, Queensland, and specifically the Gold Coast has never been more of a liable option to our Southern states.

Thankfully, we are in a day & age where the majority, if not all of the sales process can be done virtually, meaning Southerners still have the ability to inspect the property without having to leave the safety of the household. The Fact that our Southern counterparts have been stuck in lock down only has a natural result that more of them are turning to Real Estate as a genuine interest, whether it be a recreational search or a temptational “what could be” search, the fact still remains that there are more eyes on local Real Estate than ever!

According to, Gold Coast is one of the strongest property markets in Queensland, displaying that over the June quarter, house prices are up 1.5% along with them being up 5% annually.

It is very evident that interstate buyers are flourishing and are out in numbers with serious intent to purchase a property along the golden sands of the Gold Coast, but what about local buyers? Has COVID-19 had an effect on the local property market? For this we decided to get a hands on approach from Dennis Musca, Principal of Professionals Burleigh & multi award winning agent. His conclusion?

“With low interest rates alongside a lack of property on the market, it is still very much a sellers’ market. So far there has been no indication that the market will follow the trend that it was supposed to when the Corona Virus came into fruition. Demand is still high from local buyers and this is evident in the open homes I have hosted, large amounts of enquiry and very successful results in the last couple of weeks with Auction and Private Treaty sales producing successful results”.

Now that we have established that there is serious and genuine interest in the gold Coast property market by buyers far and wide as well as buyers just around the corner, coupled with the fact that interest rates are still at record lows and there being a lack of stock on the market which applies for rentals and sales, it is only natural that the Gold Coast’s property market is booming and the numbers reflect that!

In a time so unpredictable, there has never been a better time to truly grasp the value of what is likely to be your largest asset, your home. Knowing the value of what your property is worth in the current market is imperative for a multitude of reasons. Whether it be that you have thought about selling and want a real insight into what figure you could achieve, for financial/insurance purposes or maybe just peace of mind. Knowing that value of your property has never been more important!

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