Suburb Profile: Robina

Location and boundaries

Robina is bounded by Markeri Street and Bermuda Street in the north, Ring Road, Bond University, University Drive, Geraldton Drive and the suburb of Varsity Lakes in the east, the Pacific Motorway in the south, and the locality of Merrimac and Mudgeeraba Creek in the west.

Name origin

Robina is named after Robin Loh, one of the estate’s developers.



Land area

1,498 hectares (15 Km2)

Population density

13.70 persons per hectare

Settlement history

Development of the area dates primarily from 1981, following land reclamation and the formation of the Robina Land Corporation. Prior to this land was used mainly for farming and grazing. Rapid growth took place from the 1980s, with the population doubling during the 1990s. Substantial development continued between 2001 and 2011, a result of large numbers of new dwellings being added to the area.

Land use

Robina is a relatively new residential and commercial area, with some surrounding rural land and substantial parklands.

Major features

Major features of the area include Robina Town Centre, Easy T Centre, Robina SuperCentre Homemaker Centre, Robina Village Shopping Centre, Bond University, Glades Golf Club, Robina Woods Golf Course, The Colonial Golf Course, Skilled Park (Robina Stadium), Gold Coast Hospital (Robina Campus), Australian Industry Trade College, Fitzroy Park, Jack Wilson Park, Lake Lomandra Park, Lake Orr Catchment Reserve, Robina Common, various lakes and two schools.

* 2011 Usual residents

Source: 15/11/14