Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the report cost?
The Property Value Gold Coast report is provided 100% FREE of charge.
What will I receive?
You will receive a detailed report that outlines comparable properties currently on the market and comparable properties recently sold. In addition, you will also receive research that outlines your suburbs capital growth or decline, details of your suburbs current demographics, and a written statement outlining your property’s current price.
How will I receive my report?
One of our team members will contact you and your Property Value Gold Coast report will be sent to you by email. A PDF file will be attached for you to open. If you would prefer to have a hard copy posted to you please let us know as this can easily be arranged free of charge to you.
Who will be preparing my report?
A licensed real estate agent with specialist knowledge of your area.
Why is a local agent used?
Simply, they are the best qualified to do the best job. Our local real estate agent has a thorough understanding of the dynamics of your particular marketplace. Experienced agents have a detailed knowledge of specific homes in your suburb and continually work with property buyers and sellers enabling them to provide a justifiable guide to property prices and be in tune with the market place.
What is the source of the statistical data?
Property Value Gold Coast agents have access to a vast array of specialist real estate data collection sites. They will collect data from:,, Property Data Solutions and any other sources they feel appropriate.
What geographic area does Property Value Gold Coast cover?
Property Value Gold Coast covers all suburbs located within the Gold Coast Regional Council district.